Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Life can be simple...it also can be complicated
just depend on yourself choose which way...
from a younger boy step to this reality society
study life process to the working life
everything is a new started
have been work around 1 years
life just always keep repeating
from curious to weary
I'm very tired about it
around of my friend become lesser and lesser
maybe i'm not good in social life
everyday I keep telling myself
no matter how life would be
I must brave to face it
use my own ability to get anything I want
treasure that what I have and keep harder to achieve it
everything have a start also have the end
I just hoping someday I could find someone
that can help me share the burden
try to make my life simple...
that's it...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Single life...

Yeah...I back to my single life...
as my friend expected...I already break up with someone
because not that person not good
just feel that we are not match to be a couple
sorry if I hurt you or what
we quarrel because that you are not the one I want it
with you together...
I just realize my heart still have another person
that people not you
the people never leave my heart and stay it
I'm feel sorry to you
hope you will find a better one
I love my single life...
and not available...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What I hate...

Fuck you...bastard~
don't even let me see your face
I hate what I hate...
I hate people like to lie
a big liar...
you thought who you are
you just nothing...
the word I can gave you is:
super suitable for you
no need say that you will change or what
halo wake up...now is 21 century
don't use the drama dialog to cheat people liao la
what you make...maybe I duno it all
but only that I can tell you...
God see everything's that you done
especially the bad things that you did...
you will get the bad karma very soon...
not I curse you...
just only what you get that you pay it before
you only is the one most stupid
is you make yourself cheap and not value
is you disappointed to anyone
fuxk off...
how much you pray also cant replace that what you did...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Starting from May...

My design for my own starbucks tumblers...nice or not

Sorry for late update my blog...
because recently quite busy cause me no time to update it
say sorry again...haha
don't know how's life of you all
is that everything alright...
but for me
my life is fully of challenge
May starting...
that's mean is time of end my semester break
3 week passed so quickly
exam result also release
make me worry and worry for coming semester
i must work harder and harder in this last semester
no more playing
no more wasting my time
grateful the time that i have
study smart and pay more attention
i need graduate on time with my friend's
i know that i can do it^^
new semester go...go...go
This holiday really awesome for me
have been go to work part timer earn money
always stay at home accompany my family
sometimes go out meet my friend
somemore have been rest enough already
full of energy...
monday is the first day of my new semester
time table also already release
really suck for my new time table
got 3 days class is until 7pm
dont know how the college manage the time...
haiz haiz haiz...speechless

waiting for starting my new semester now~
stop writing until here...
will be update soon...i promise~
bye...take care all!

Friday, April 22, 2011

High tea time with starbucks...

Follow my twitter...

Starbucks signature coffee...caramel macchiato
my favorite...hehe =)
During the semester break is freaking bored...
then I decide plan go out walk walk to get a fresh
luckily today my friend have been invite me go out
go to sunway carnival mall starbucks coffee meet up
actually the appointment is at 4pm
but i reach at 330pm something
with my starbucks tumbler
bought my favorite drink caramel macchiato
get the discount RM 2 because i bring my own tumbler...
super worth...
while waiting my friend and then online with my laptop
nothing do with my laptop
just on my msn and twitter...
somemore play foursquare...
recently i playing twitter
to who have a twitter account...
you can be my follower...
let us tweet together
who can introduce me any nice games
i want play games because i'm bored
grow mushroom at home
just wanna play a games to waste my time
I want go to watch movie too
so many movie's i need to watch
source code
The roommate
scream 4
who wanna jio me out
can make a appointment to me
hehe =)
enjoy my holiday now...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bored semester break...

3 week semester break...
but i feel like 3 months
time passed slowly when i nothing to do
life seem like meaningless
life without Facebook is bored
life without Money is bored
life without Study life is bored too
that's why say
people will not satisfied what they have it now
strongly agree with this statement
when during exam...
i hope that semester break can reach early
when during the semester break...
i hope that i can back to college now
what i thinking la...lolx
everyday stay a home
be a good boy in the house
help my mom do anything that need my help
get more time accompany with my family
do all my stuff that i need to do it
wash my shoes those was dirty
now i just realize that i have many shoes
around 10 pairs liao
cloth also many...
that's why my mom always say me....
everyday stay in my room
watch pps
download movie
keep listening song
msn always on (but didnt have ppl find me chat =.=)
phone number already change
IC also go to change liao
Facebook also close it
new life must have a new change
many planning in the this semester break
wanna gain my weight
gonna sleep early
seldom go out
hope this few goals i will success to do it...
Good Night all...
will update my blog soon...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Copy and paste...a meaningful article~

Life is nothing without you in my life
Over time, my love just gets stronger
Varied background we come from yet
Everything falls into place when we're together

Have see a status posted by my friend at my facebook wall
feel that the article is meaningful
then just share it out to you all
have a look ya^^

























What is love...
Is that love is simple...
or maybe love is just confuse us
make us blind about it
should we step into love
or we just ignore it
enjoy the single life~